Monday, July 6, 2009

Steve McNair, A Tragedy in Many Ways

I remember watching Steve McNair play on Thursday night football with the Ravens on the NFL channel back in the 2007 season and I remember saying to my wife, "this is the case of a guy that didn't know when to hang it up." He was awful, he was struggling to get up almost every play it seemed, and when he did manage to get a play off it was just plain ugly.

This was a sad story to me, because I remember him in his great years with the Titans and he seemed much to young to be physically that beat up. I was never a huge fan of his, but I always admired and respected what he could do on the football field, but that day to me was a tragedy.

Obviously this tragedy does not compare with what happened this past weekend, with Steve McNair being gunned down my his 20 year old mistress Saleh Kazemi in an apparent murder/suicide. Who would have known? To the public eye McNair was a good man, good father, good husband and a good man in his community, but with the now airing of the dark secret(s) that he did have, it makes you stop and think, just who can you hold up on a pedestal as a true role model?

So many athletes, movie stars and public figures are made out to be hero's by the media and by the fans that adore them only to later prove only to be a major disappointment. I'm not saying Steve McNair was a bad person, I think he was a good guy that got involved in some bad things and obviously made some bad decisions, but has proved to be a disappointing role model to so many people that adored him.

I think it's time to wake up and start taking stock of who we should really be holding up on our pedestals and aspiring to be like and start looking close to home. We have so many role models and great in our own homes, communities and hearts to be taking a chance with these public icons. What's wrong with having mom or dad or cousin Louie, your kids little league coach, God, Jesus, Allah or your creator be your role mode. These are people that are close to you that you truly know and love and the biggest thing of all they most likely won't disappoint you.

I'm not saying that all athletes and celebrities are bad people, but it is been proved over and over again that they are truly not always what they are cracked up to be and end up breaking many hearts.

Take a sure bet when you choose your role model and you won't end up feeling like so many people do today after this tragic ending to a man's life. God Bless Steve McNair and his family and the Kazemi family. God bless you,


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