Monday, July 13, 2009

Abundance and Right Livelihood

When I got into network marketing in the late 90's, the team I was on really believed and stressed that you had to initiate a personal development program of at least 30-60 minutes per day to become the type of person it takes to be successful in business.

I didn't have any problem with this since well before I ever found network marketing I read self help books to overcome lack of self confidence. So I started listening to the tapes and reading the recommended books and did find it making a difference in my life, and in my business and I am always one that whole heatedly promotes personal development to everyone I know and meet, but it was a book that I found on my own that wasn't on the recommended reading list that had perhaps the biggest impact on me and that was "Abundance and Right Livelihood" by Neal Donald Walsch of "Conversations with God fame".

As sort of a guy that feels he has to do this and do that and work harder and harder, I realized as Neal describes in this book, that all I was getting was a big pile of "do do". Have you ever wondered why there are two like businesses on the same street that sell the same product, do the same thing, but one is thriving and one isn't? It is all about what you are "being", as opposed to what you are "doing".

This book taught be to be more, no matter what I was doing in my life. If I wanted more success in my business, I had to help some else achieve more success, if I wanted more love in my life, I had to give more love in my life. This just made more sense to me than any other thing I had read and made a much deeper impact than anything I had ever heard or read and I also found it much easier to implement.

I am not downplaying the impact the of all the recommended personal development books I read, and I am sure one book hits each individual a different way, but I highly recommend "Abundance and Right Livelihood" to anyone looking to achieve more in their lives. Neale Donald Walsch's personality and sense of humor make this a very easy read and it's only 130 pages long.

This indeed in my opinion a true application for living. Check it out, you won't regret it. To your success,


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