Saturday, July 4, 2009

Be Careful What You Listen To.

As a young man who inspired to be a songwriter I always found it was much easier to tap into my dark side when writing songs. I would write songs about relationships gone bad, things gone wrong in my life, and doom and gloom type topics. It just seemed to flow out of me.

After honing my hobby craft for a few years I was playing some of my songs for friends and I was fortunate to have a friend that was completely straight and honest with me when he said, "Terry, your songs are OK, but they are such a downer to listen to, don't you ever feel good about life?" This really hit me straight between the eyes, and I thought to myself, sure I feel good about a lot of things, but who wants to hear about those? The truth is, it was harder to write about good feelings and good things, because I listened to and was programmed and surrounded by lack and negative thinking people, places and things. This is what I was exposing myself to and this is exactly what I was getting in my life as well. It was a tough lesson, but a lesson I did learn. That is why it is often said, you will obtain a like income to your 5 closest friends. It is because of what you are exposing yourself to.

Today I write and listen to more things that inspire me and bring me joy, then things that bring me lack thinking and sad feelings. I am not saying you should never listen to music that may have some negative thinking, sometimes emotions need to be feed, I am just cautioning about the reality that over exposure to a lot of the media, music and junk out there is hazardous to your complete well being. I choose to shy away from the news, music with lyrics about being broke, abuse of women, etc., but when the mood strikes me I will listen to the blues or rock n roll that may not portray the perfect message I want to instill in my being, but it is more of an emotional thing for me. A good balance is recommended.

So today I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on exposure to the negative and lack conscious junk that is out there in hopes that we can increase awareness of things that may be holding us back in life. There is so much out there that is beautiful and positive and promotes inspiration and great things to happen within ourselves rather than to poison our minds. Enjoy music, enjoy life, live to be the most you can be. God Bless,


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