Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Disc Golf Keeps the Bear at Bay

I was one that was always up for a round of golf whenever the opportunity presented itself. Getting out on a beautiful day, in beautiful scenery, birds chirping and all, but I guess you could say I never quite got the hang of the links. I am a frustrated hacker. More than a frustrated hacker, I'm the guy you see out there throwing his ball, or worse yet his club into the water with a hostile shout. I am a real bear out there. As much as I look forward to getting out there, I look forward to the round ending even more.

Now philosophically I have always told myself if something gives me frustration, get out of the situation. Life is too short to get this angry, but I have never found anything to replace my urge to golf, until last summer.

My wife and I love hiking, as you probably saw in one of my previous blogs, and last June or July, somewhere in that area, we were on one of our long hikes on a local trail in the Green Bay area, when we happened upon a park with a big sign in front that read "Disc Golf Course". Now I have to admit I had heard of Disc Golf, but I never had given it much thought until we happened on the course that day.

We decided to walk around the course and we watched the Disc golfers and it brought back memories of when I was a kid making up games with the Frisbee. I was intrigued. So much so that we bought a set of discs used specifically for disc golf. The set came with a bag, a towel, a DVD to explain the game and 3 discs. I was ready to go.

After study the DVD a few days after our discovery we ventured out into the world of Disc Golf. I honestly admit I felt a little silly at first, but once I got the hang of it somewhat, I really started to enjoy myself, and as in regular golf, I was also enjoying being in nature. It was fun, and I wasn't frustrated after the game. Not to say that it doesn't come without its own challenges, because belief me some of these holes and throws you have to make are very challenging, but it doesn't come with the one thing that golf had for me. Yeah, the seething anger, and the bear in me.

Now since last summer we have discovered a few different courses and it is still fun, it is free to play in most places, and you usually don't have to wait to get on the course. The only thing missing from regular golf that I truly enjoy is the clubhouse after the game, but hey you can bring your own cocktails.

If anyone is interested as to where they can find more info on Disc golf, courses in your area, and Disc golf accessories, here are a couple of links for you to check out. Get out enjoy yourself, you can't beat the price, the fun and you will keep the bear away. Yours always,


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