Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Passion

March has rolled around again and I have to say that this is one of my favorite times of year. Not only because after a long winter hear in the great white north, but because once again it is March Madness. A sports fan and college basketball fan's heaven. Another March of crazed fans, close tense games, buzzer beaters, heart breakers, upsets and just pure drama. A Pure adrenaline rush.
I think the thing I like most about the tournament is the incredible passion these young players play with. They are so determined and so driven and willing to give all they have for the good of their school and teammates that they rise to new levels of play. It is an amazing thing to witness. It really shows you what one can accomplish with a clearly defined goal and shear passion and determination. These are things that upsets and higher level of play are made of.
It makes me think about the times in my life that I have accomplished some things that I am most proud of. I look at what my mindset was before I proceeded. First I knew what I wanted to accomplish, (my goal), and then I went for it with all the vigor and shear determination I could muster. Like these young players, when obstacles got in my way, I pushed through them with persistance and my eyes still on the goal. It was never easy accomplishing some of my important milestones, just as it isn't easy to win a national championship, but the pure passion and persistance I put forth to reach my goal was so intense that it raised me to a new level, thus enabling to do somethings I never thought I could.
This passion lies in all of us. It is a matter of taping into it. What do you want in your life? Get it clearly defined in your mind, and let nothing deny you. Live with passion, achieve your goals and then create more to continue to elevate yourself to new levels. It is the best feeling in the world, pure elation when you reach that goal, just like the feeling these young basketball players feel when the reach the pinnacle. This is life at it's best. Live your life, go for your dreams, and never stop dreaming. Live with the passion of March Madness in your soul. Have an awesome journey,

Terry Poster

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

About This Blog

I am writing this blog on a cold, rainy, March day in Northeast Wisconsin. Man, is this winter ever going to end? Anyway, I found a link to Blogger on an internet page that offered suggestions for earning money at home without spending a dime and the thought of earning money with a blog intrigued me to the point of, oh well, here I am. Hi there, by the way.
I'm not sure what this blog is going to be about at this time, thus the title Random Thoughts and observations by Terry Poster. I do have many random thoughts and an occasional observation so this could get interesting. I have many experiences and interests and just possibly you might be able to benefit from a few posts I put out there. That is a goal anyway, but at least I hope you find it entertaining.
I have succeeded in MLM, by success meaning I have earned over six figures in several consecutive years, so some of my posts will include some things I have learned in my MLM experiences. Of course I have had some not so great experiences in MLM/Network marketing as well, (who hasn't right?), so I will share some of those as well. Other interests include sports, cooking, music & songwriting, nature hikes, spirits, (that's adult beverages :-)) and various other fun things and you never know what else might spew out of me.
The main thing is I want to have some fun with this and I encourage tips and comments from anyone who has taken the time to read my posts. I realize this first post doesn't offer much in the way of content, but I basically just wanted to get started and kind of introduce myself, so just a little bit more about me and I'll wrap this up. I am 50 going on 18, married with 2 adult children (boys), I am currently promoting a free home business call The bar, feel free to check it out at , and please let me know your thoughts on it. I currently live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, (yes home of the Pack), and my main goal in life is to see how much fun I can have before the whole thing goes up in flames. If you want to know more about me, pleas ask, I'll be more than happy to talk about myself. lol
Have an awesome day, I hope it is warmer where you are, and we will be back soon,