Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hiking is Good For the Soul

When I need a break from the phone calls, conference calls, meeting and just life in general the first thought I have is to take a hike. Northeast Wisconsin has a lot of great places to hike and many levels of hiking for the novice to the gung ho hiker. There is just something about getting out on some quite trail that frees the mind and soothes the soul. I do some of my best and creative thinking just walking along taking in nature, and usually without even trying. It all comes so naturally in nature.

There have been times when I have been bogged down with a problem or situation and I just want to get away from it, and low and behold a solution or an idea pops into my head. This is just one testimony on the beauty of hiking.

Some of the other benefits of visiting a hiking trail are getting great exercise and burning calories or course, seeing wildlife and nature, and most important just getting in touch with your soul. It's a such a great feeling that I wanted to put it into this blog so that everyone can know what I get out of hiking. I love it

I usually walk about 4 to 8 miles when I hike, but this is when I pre plan a hike in advance. If it's just a spur of the moment hike at a trail close to home, on a day I just need to get away, I usually keep it to 1 -3 miles. It's all really up to you. You can start slow and gradually work your way up or just take jaunts, whatever works best for your preference and/or schedule.

Some of the things I would recommend taking on a hike are as follows 1) water 2) light snack 3)cell phone, turned off, only use as needed. 4) comfortable walking shoes 5) sunscreen 6) hat and perhaps an extra shirt 7) compass. This will guarantee a safe and enjoyable hike.

There are great hiking trails all over the US and I found this website that will help you locate a trail based on many different preferences. It's also great if you are planning a vacation and want to know where some of the best scenic trails are. The site is It also offers many tips and just about anything that you can think of as far as planning a hike goes.

So with that, I'm off for another hike. I hope you get out and enjoy one soon.

Terry Poster

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