Friday, July 10, 2009

Sharing Some Good Thoughts

We all create our own reality by our thoughts, words and deeds, but it does indeed start with what we are putting into our minds. Good thoughts lead to good things, bad thoughts lead to bad things. We have a choice. It's simple, but yet so powerful.

Most of us have heard of books like "As a Man Thinketh and The Power of Positive Thinking" and most recently "The Secret". These books all instruct us on the power we hold in the thoughts we are thinking and they are all best sellers, because why? Because people are not happy with the results they are getting in their lives, and the reason people are not getting what they want out of life is because of the negativity and lack consciousness that is being programmed into us by the media, the things we read and listen to.

The great thing is that we can change that. We can turn off the tv and stop putting garbage into our minds and we can start putting the teachings of these great books to actual use. Study these books and reading self improvement will start you on the path to much greater thoughts and will eventually begin to be implanted in our subconscious minds.

There is an awesome book out there which I think many of you have heard of and that is "The Power of the Subconscious Mind" by Dr. Joseph Murphy. This book is so powerful and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to achieve long lasting results in there life. I keep a copy in my Jeep with me so I can pick it up and read it everyday. I sincerely believe this book can change your life faster than any other book out there today, because the subconscious mind is where all our habits are formed.

Another tool I have found recently is the Mindmaster program which can be found at You can install this powerful program on your computer and set it up to project positive subliminal messages to you as you work. It is extremely easy to setup and you have many different options such as color, font, how long you want the message to display, where on the screen. The greatest thing is there are categories of messages for many different areas of your life that you want to improve. You can select some or all of these and you can customize it to put your own messages in. Another cool feature is that you have access to an image vault where you can have positive images displayed on your screen that will help implant these into your subconscious.

The cost for this program is something like $44.95 and it is a one time fee. I don't get anything for recommend this program as I am not affiliated with it in anyway. What I do get is the satisfaction that I am sharing this tool with you with the knowledge that it can have a major impact on improving your thought process, which in turn will lead to a much healthier and happier life. Let me know your thoughts. :-) May they be happy ones.

Yours always,

Terry Poster

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