Thursday, July 2, 2009

It's A Long Season

I sat in chair frustrated yesterday afternoon as my Milwaukee Brewers fell to the New York Mets 1-0. Not so much frustrated by the loss, but once again the missed opportunities again, in what has been a year of inconsistency. 7th Inning and Prince Fielder on 2nd base with no out and Corey Hart at the plate, a missed bunt attempt and Prince getting caught dancing off second base by catcher Brian Schneider was a prime example of another missed opportunity. Although the Brewers have matured in their base running skills in the few years, they still make too many outs on the base paths, which also drives manager Ken Macha nuts.

That being said, I just feel the Brewers could have a much better record than they have and a more comfortable lead in the National League Central, but I have to keep telling myself, it's a long season and the main objective at this point of the season is to stay within striking distance of 1st place until September rolls around and then get ready to pour it on and do battle.

I feel the Brewers need to do a few things to stay within striking distance. One being going with a more consistent lineup and batting order. I know the lose of Rickie Weeks has hurt, but since then we have had a million different lead off hitters and lineups. I think they should either commit to Gamel being the third baseman right now or send him back to the minors. He needs to be in there everyday to obtain more consistent. I'd like to see Gamel at third and McGehee at 2nd everyday with Counsell coming off the bench to spell them. Leave Hall on the bench where he belongs, since he has been mired in a slump, well I guess you can call it a slump, for the past 2 seasons.

Speaking of the bench, they need one more bat on the bench. Frank Catalanotto has been ok, but we need a bat with a little more pop. Jody Gerut has been a bust so far. I'd like to see Mike Rivera get a little more playing time as well. The bullpen is fine for the stretch run, but one more quality starter would put us in good position. It was encouraging to see the start by Mike Burns the other night, but somehow I don't think that will be the norm.

All and all the Brewers have to nucleus of a pennant contender with Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun leading the way, but we need another guy to step up in the lineup as Corey Hart and JJ Hardy aren't having the kind of years they were expected to have, but JJ seems to be coming out of it lately. Again, I'd like to see a more consistent lineup, because I feel it would create more consistency. Here is the lineup I would like to see against lefties and righties.

1) Corey Hart-RF

2) JJ Hardy-SS

3) Ryan Braun-LF

4) Prince Fielder-1b

5) Casey McGehee-2b

6) Mat Gamel-3b

7) Mike Cameron-CF

8) Jason Kendall-C

Hey Ken give this one a shot and stick with it. Looks like a winner to me. A one game lead right now is nice, and I'll hang in there despite the lineups you throw out there, and try to realize it's a long season. Go CREW!

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