Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Law of Attraction Guided me here.

I believe the Law of attraction has guided me to this incredible opportunity to change my life and the lives of those who jump aboard with me. I have been asking the universe to send me an opportunity that would once again ignite my passion and I believe this is it. This is the most exciting investment/ marketing plan I have ever seen. I think everyone owes it to themselves to take a look at this.

Any Aspiring Business Person Could Retire A Millionaire In 12 to 24 Months By Following
The Step-By-Step System Revealed In The ReGenesis 2x2 Wealth Creation System!
If you’ve been searching for a home based business that can allow you to live the life of your
dreams and rise to your full potential – your search is over! Through ReGenesis you can say
good-bye to traffic and dress-codes and you can finally resign from a J.O.B. that dictates when
you go to work, what you wear, when you take a vacation and when to retire. There really is an
alternative to the 40 year JOB plan – the answer is ReGenesis 2x2!
Through ReGenesis you can enjoy the many benefits of your own home-based business while
maintaining the strengths of corporate America. You can prosper in many ways by taking
advantage of our unique marketing system and, most importantly, you’ll be teaming up with an
alliance of professionals who are dedicated to your success.
ReGenesis is not just another Network Marketing Opportunity. In addition to an excellent
product and a pay plan that rewards people with significant income quickly there is a step-bystep
blueprint that allows current or aspiring entrepreneurs to truly become financially
independent once and for all. Most importantly, the program is structured in a way where this
can be accomplished while maintaining joy and balance in your life instead of the usual stress
and struggle that accompanies most business opportunities.
The ReGenesis business model believes in allowing people their God given right to “get rich
quick!” They believe “getting rich quick” has gotten a bad rap. Right now is the greatest time in
history to create wealth quickly! When making money fast is discussed many people become
skeptical, and yet several thousand entrepreneurs have attained wealth quickly and legitimately
before our very eyes! Not only is there nothing wrong with it, it’s become commonplace in
today’s fast paced business world. During the past decade, even in spite of the current
recession, more and more fortunes are being made with lightening speed AND many of today’s
success stories are created from the World of Network Marketing!
Doctors and Lawyers have to go to school for years before they can begin earning a living,
however, with ReGenesis you can actually earn while you learn. It’s a simple business that
anyone can do. In fact, there is no reason to try to reinvent the wheel – we have developed a
“proven,” turn-key system that virtually insures your success!
The world is changing quickly, technology is changing quickly, markets are changing quickly and
people’s interests are changing quickly. With Change Comes Opportunity! Every time there is a
change in technology, law, social interests, or the latest business buzzword….someone gets rich!
Today, these changes are happening by the minute and every day people are becoming
millionaires by taking advantage of them.
ReGenesis has taken full advantage of recent technological developments and anybody who is
willing to take about 10 minutes to review the ReGenesis website / or fax and demand overview
and listen to the information line will quickly realize that this is a company that is utilizing
recent technological advances and combining them with a support system which will enable YOU
to obtain financial independence very quickly.
Timing is Everything! Don’t be fooled by the current recession! The next 5 years are going to
be a business bonanza not unlike the recent real estate & technology boom and those who
understand a few key principles will get rich, those who don’t will miss the boat because they
are too worried about how “bad” things are right now!
One of the wealth building principles behind the ReGenesis Business Model is the 2x2 Pay Plan
combined with Matching Bonuses….. The 2x2 matrix is a very simple structure that fills and recycles
after only 6 people join or re-cycle. Each time this matrix fills a $400 payout is
generated to the person at the top of the matrix. Furthermore, a $400 Matching Bonus is paid
to that person’s sponsor. Then a new Business center (2x2 matrix) is created in the sponsor’s
matrix… this re-cycling process can occur over & over & over – Matching Bonuses create a
strong incentive for people to actively sponsor additional Distributors into their matrix… And,
even for those who don’t want to work at recruiting others, anybody can earn $1,200 per month
in commissions just by participating in this outstanding opportunity!
Business is simple; it’s people who are complicated! Most entrepreneurs make things far too
difficult. The 2x2 marketing plan is simple – it is easy to understand and it tends to duplicate
very, very fast – creating massive incomes for those who participate.
The response to the program has been nothing short of phenomenal. People instinctively know
when they hear the truth, when it’s something that works in the real world and most of all when
it’s something they can do. The ReGenesis Wealth Building System gives people a bright light
at the end of the tunnel as well as a step-by-step blueprint for getting there. Whether you’re
looking for a business opportunity to commit your time to or a business opportunity that you can
participate in a passive way you’ll love the ReGenesis System.
For the passive individual ReGenesis has created the Automated Recruiting SystemÔ, which is
a completely automated recruiting system that will sponsor people for you – the company will
generate leads on your behalf and then follow up on those leads and recruit people FOR YOU!
There’s no doubt people are getting fired up about this opportunity and that’s good. If people
aren’t motivated they won’t act. The ReGenesis Business System however, is real ‘meat and
potatoes’ – a system that people can use immediately to dramatically increase their household
income. It wasn’t designed to be inspiring, it inspires because of its design. It’s simple, it’s fast
and it work’s!
Our philosophy is simple; “If you’re going to work hard anyway, you might as well get
rich doing it… and the quicker the better!” To learn more about ReGenesis 2x2 listen to
the information line: 800-676-8530, review the website: or pull
the fax on demand: 800-621-1987 and call me with questions at:

I am excited to talk to you about this,

Terry Poster

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