Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's True, A FREE Program to Make MONEY !

Hi, I hope this post finds you very well. I know you often here or perhaps your Dad or Mom told you growning up that you can't get anything for free. I myself often found that to be true and am always a little skeptical of free programs and I was of this program I am about to tell you about at first to, but sometimes life may just have a pleasant surprise for you.
Recently a friend told me about a free money making internet program she found and that she was having success with it and wanted to share it with me. I figured I would humor her and take a look at it, nothing to lose right?, and what I found has truly inspired me. An actual free program that is legit, and works great. It is called the Bar, by web your way, and the way it works is really simple. You simply download the program from and it installs a tool bar on your browser. Once installed, you simple login in using the information you used when you signed up for free, and you click on the ER button on the tool bar to bring up ads on the side of your screen. You click on an ad and you get paid. Advertisers are spending tons of money to get there ads exposed and they are paying you to simply click and look at there ad. Click on 10 ads a day and your done for the day. It takes about 10 minutes per day.
The WebYourWay(The Bar), really gets interesting when you share this with your friends. Obviously you are not going to get rich clicking on 10 ads per day, but when you share it with your friends, fellow current downline, if your in a program, or anyone you meet and they do the same, you can produce an amazing income. Honest to God people this thing really works, it blows my mind and the coolest thing of all is it's FREE! Check out the figures below:

Level 0 .0040 {your personally viewed ads} $ .08

1 .0038 {your friends} 5 $ .38

2 .0036 {their friends} 25 $ 1.80

3 .0034 {their friends} 125 $ 8.50

4 .0033 {their friends} 625 $ 41.25

5 .0031 {their friends} 3,125 $ 193.75

6 .0029 {their friends} 15,625 $ 906.25

7 .0028 {their friends} 78,125 $4,375.00

Total Friends: 97,655 $5,527.01 Per " D AY" !

Can you imagine earning this kind of dough PER DAY? Well it's true and it's all for investing a few minutes per day. What have you got to lose, sign up right away and start making some money and telling everyone you know about this program. I just had to share this with everyone I know and they are glad I did.

Here again is your sign up link.

Have an awesome day, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions on this post and any other posts.



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